Mind and Music Summary of an interview with TheImisioluwa, a Music Psychologist

Question: how do we define the Mind in relation to Music

Answer: Well, an exact definition of the ‘mind’ has been severely argued by philosophers and psychologists, and It functions as diverse as there are cultures in the world, but for tonight, let’s use the definition according to wiktionary:
The nonmaterial substance or set of processes in which consciousness, perception, affectivity, judgment, thinking, and Will are based.

To now bring this to music, we can say the mind is the seat of perception.

Question: Whenever someone listens to a song, he/she tends to move part of the body one way or other, Is music about that alone or what other things do Music entail?

Answer: Well two basic things might be responsible for this, which I’ll explain briefly.

One, the brain, which is responsible for all our Cerebral process is divided into two physical parts, which performs quite different functions. The right side of the brain(which controls the left side of the body) it’s largely responsible for all our creative, and emotive processes.

This part is often argued as the part that receives and perceives music in the brain.

However, the left side is very important in musical processes, especially in dancing.

The left side of the brain (which controls the right side of the body) is responsible for all our logical processes like mathematics, calculations, sequences, etc. And music comes in here also.

Secondly, One of the key elements of music is rhythm and pitch. Rhythm is largely a measure of a pattern, and pitch(sound) are degrees of highness and lowness of a sound.

When the music starts, the left brain is activated by noticing and establishing this pattern. Once it recognizes this pattern, the body attempt to sync with this, and hence that pattern is recreated in body movements.

Question: I have met people that will say “I’m obsessed about music” and some will say “I’m not a fan of music” though rare
What is responsible for these two things?

Answer: Makeup is one. We are made differently.
However, everyone reasons for music to EVERYONE. More right-brained people will feel more attached to music. And more musically skillful people are left-brained
Everyone is affected by music, we may differ in the kind of music or musical activities we enjoy

Question: As a Music Psychologist, how does Music affect normal human life?

Answer: So basically, we are a product of the society and culture we have been exposed to, as well as other factors, including our individual make up.

Every culture in the world has its own music, and they are as similar and as diverse as possible.

This largely informs us what is music to us.

Because we have been exposed to particular music, from birth, it is part of our make up, and we are predisposed to that kind of music, or everything that relates to it.

Say, for example, African music as against European music.
They are mainly products of cultures.
Our personality types also determine A sanguine will react differently than a melancholic person.

Question: As a musician, what will be your take to others looking up to you

Answer: As music is positive, it can be used negatively. Music can run people mad.

So one is, take heed of what you listen too.
And by that, I don’t mean just in the religious sense.
Content matters, but all music is good. ALL. But you can have your preference. Recognize it, and make good use of it.
Some give you the feeling of reading a story e.g. Awe by Asa. Etc

Top Executives of the world have a common habit, they listen to music actively and peculiar times of the day or week. Some classical, other Jazz, etc.

Many of these musical styles have what they inspire, that I can’t start talking about.

So enjoy music. Expose yourself to as much, but guard your heart for content. For whatever you hear persistently, you become.

For as many that asked questions during the session, I know your questions have been answered.

Host: Waleunique

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