Obesity can be referred to as a medical state in which the body contains excess fats that is harmful to it.

There are actually two parameters to determine if someone is obese or not;
1. Body mass index
2. Waist circumference

1. Body mass index: Is the ratio of your weight over the square of your height.

Which you can do at home without the need of any medical practitioner to help.

Your answer can be compared to what is written below and that can give you an insight into your state.

Less than 18- underweight
18-24.9- Normal healthy weight
24.9-29.9- overweight
30 above- Obese

2.Waist circumference: Most men come down with belle fats. A central one for that matter. A woman waist circumference should be less than or equal to 80cm while men should be <94cm

The moment you are above these values, please check your input.

Leading Causes of Obesity
1. Genetic Factor
Many people do give the excuse that they inherited it meaning that it’s in the genes. Yes! You can inherit it, but the will to put it in check can help. Even if it runs in the family, the example of identical twin raised in a different environment can help you see the power of environment over the genes.

2. Lifestyle
Every Saturday morning, you are likely to see different categories of people doing exercises; jogging, walking and so on. And you are there laughing at them right?
Because they know something you don’t know that’s why they are doing that. They know what is at risk, so they take it upon themselves to exercise.

The simple truth is that the moment there is a clear margin between how you eat and how much work(force *distance), there is likely to be unused energy being stored as fat.

So apart from your daily activities, exercise your body if not every day, three times a week.
This is sure a solution for someone who inherited the gene. And the good news is that, it doesn’t cost you anything, then why are you not doing it?

When we talk about diet, what exactly are we referring to? Your daily food intake.
Because God has blessed you doesn’t mean you should not bless yourself.
Many people are always like “increase in weight is a sign of good living”. How true is that?

 The first part of the diet I would like to touch; Alcohol

Something you have to understand before you indulge in alcohol apart from the intoxicating part is that alcohol has a lot of calories than any other class of food like carbohydrate, protein and so on. I mean, the calories you derive from alcohol is twice that you derive from carbohydrates.
The resultant of the above in men is *Belle Fat*. I have heard people call it a “calabash type of Tommy”.

Another is soft drinks.
If we look at the population of women who love taking soft drinks compare to men, women are much.
And especially when they go on a date. Always like “give me a soft drink”. Rather than asking for water. And if the man can’t afford it, they will tag him stingily.
Avoid too many soft drinks. One is enough per day that if you are not chubby. But if you are chubby already and you are motivated by soft drink, I tell you not long from now, you might end up being patient.

The last part is junking. Almost everyone including men and women is guilty of this. Someone would have thought that is the major dietary part to be discussed.
It is not easy to drop once you get adapted to it. But you have to be intentional about dropping it. Junks are not food. (Why on earth will you derive pleasure in flour). Somebody in the advanced world might end up with cancer, what about you here in Nigeria, what will mark your difference?
And the most pitiful part of the diet is that people that do all these things will continue without exercise. All they want is a drug that will help reduce fat.

Even if you are genetically predisposed to Obesity, stop the sedentary lifestyle today.

Don’t let anyone deceive you with any drug. Exercises are free commodities.

Check your BMI today as taught in previous sessions.

You all need to know what is at risk for Obese people so that when you are accommodating *” illegal fat”*, you will be proactive.

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