Novel Coronavirus, Is it actually Novel?

The obvious news released by the Chinese government points to the fact that coronavirus started from the wet market (seafood market) in Wuhan. In the first set of cases of this virus, 13 out of 41 had no link to the market. Other cases were detected in this market, but the few 13 cases should not be ignored. According to a journal published by The Lancet, which actually said something against the information earlier released by the Chinese government.

The first case of the novel Coronavirus was detected on December 1st,2019. But according to the science of the coronavirus family, there is always an incubation period. If you are still with me, it means the first case of coronavirus must have occurred earlier than the stated date to the world by the Chinese government. All sources to the claim that the virus exact source is actually more than one.

Coronavirus was also traced back to 2012 in Saudi Arabia, where 7 nurses and an intern were affected and diagnosed with this respiratory illness. With each of them exhibiting the lower respiratory infection and high fever. The expository version of the 2012 story was revealed in research from Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, EMHJ. The journal was able to link the novel coronavirus to laboratory infection and other sources were probable according to them.

With over 900 death in the last 24hours, it is clear that novel coronavirus has surpassed Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, SARS. SARS is an outbreak in China 15years ago which shared similarities with coronavirus, the two have to come from the same family of virus. What this implies is that the genome of coronavirus can be a result of laboratory changes.

Just like I said earlier about Saudi Arabia, it was curtailed as the case did not get to the world at large. But to mean that the virus is novel might be a mistake or the fact that it cannot be curtailed now does not make it new. 

They said the same virus found in bats is similar to that found in humans. But the animal to human transmission process needs to be well examined and not just my assumption. Bats being used as food is not a new thing, and it did not stop after 2012. Human to the human transmission might have been easy to know, but animal to human transmission is still questionable.

In conclusion, novel coronavirus is not new as 2019 was not the first incidence. Was it actually a laboratory infection? All indications and evidence proved so, as compared to other animals to the human source which is yet to be fully established.

Written by Olawale Sogbesan

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