8 crucial information about Typhoid Fever

1. Typhoid fever is also known as enteric fever that is caused by a bacteria know as Salmonella Typhi. This Salmonella typhi belongs to a group (or strain) of Salmonella bacteria that causes food poisoning

2. Typhoid fever is spread by contaminated water or food. Also spread by faeces or urine of infected person dropping in food or water. More reason why you need to be careful of where you buy food to eat

3. You might not experience any symptoms until about 14 days after being infected. Children, pregnant women and older adults are more at risk of typhoid fever because of there reduced immunity. Hence, care must be taken while preparing their meals.

4. It is not all “malaria” symptoms that is caused by malaria. You may confuse typhoid fever with malaria because the symptoms are similar. You can only know you have typhoid fever by carrying out tests in the hospital (through blood, urine or stool)

5. Other causes are;

poor hand hygiene

washing fruits and vegetables with contaminated water

drinking unsafe water

lack of hygiene of cooking areas and cooking tools

travel to typhoid fever endemic areas

6. Symptoms of typhoid fever are;

High body temperature above 38°c (100.4°F)

Body weakness

Bloody stool or urine



Poor appetite

7. Typhoid fever can be prevented by;

proper Cooking of raw dairy products eg eggs, meat

regular hand washing especially after using the toilet, after caring for poultry animals

regular cleaning of the cooking areas Treatment of drinking water by boiling

washing of fruits and vegetables before consumption

8. Typhoid fever is treatable. You should feel better within 2 weeks of proper care

However, in case of high fever, mop the body with lukewarm water. Give oral rehydration salt if there’s stooling and take to the hospital.

Written by Adepoju Tolulope (RN, RM)

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