How does type 2 diabetes starts?

People with type 2 diabetes often have no symptoms. When they do appear, one of the first may be being thirsty a lot. Others include dry mouth, bigger appetite, peeing a lot — sometimes as often as every hour — and unusual weight loss or gain.

As your blood sugar levels get higher, you may have other problems like headaches, blurred vision, and fatigue.

In many cases, type 2 diabetes isn’t discovered until it takes a serious toll on your health.

Some red flags include:

  1. Cuts or sores that are slow to heal
  2. Frequent yeast infections or urinary tract infections
  3. Itchy skin, especially in the groin area

You can control blood sugar levels by changing your diet and losing extra weight. That will also cut your risk of complications. Carefully track the carbs in your diet. Keep amounts the same at every meal, watch how much fat and protein you eat, and cut calories. Ask your doctor to refer you to a dietitian to help you make healthy choices and an eating plan.

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