The role of masks – CDC

The CDC is reviewing the public health benefits of wearing masks to better understand how they stop coronavirus transmission.

We already know they’re effective at keeping the wearer from spreading Covid-19 to others, but health experts (and the public) want to know if — and how much — masks protect the wearer from getting Covid-19, too.

Here’s what the research says: One comprehensive study published in The Lancet found the use of a mask was one of the best ways to prevent disease spread. The chance of transmission for someone not wearing a face mask was 17.4%, and just 3.1% when a mask was worn.

The CDC guidelines for masks have evolved during the pandemic, as we’ve learned more about the disease.

Emerging research has focused on the role of asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic individuals in spreading the coronavirus. The hope is that wearing a mask in public could help keep an infected person from spreading virus-filled droplets before they show signs of being sick, or even if they never do.

Source: CNN Health

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