Danger signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a gift of trust. It is a very delicate time and no two pregnancies will give you the same experience. While one might be easier, others might be tougher. This is why you should not take antenatal clinic for a joke.

During your pregnancy, do you know there are some danger signs you should not joke with?

I’ll tell you;

1. Persistent headache, that is not going after you’ve rested and used paracetamol

2. Swelling in your legs and/or hands

3. Blood or water from your vagina before your due date or 9 months

4. Not feeling your baby move after 6 months

5. Very high blood pressure or high glucose level.

6. Blurred vision

Have you noticed any of these? Go to the hospital for a check up

Written by Tolulope Adepoju (RN, RM)

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