Simple steps to examine your breast

Early detection is the key to breast cancer. So I urge the person reading this to kindly read, act and share in order to save a life.

How can you examine your breast?

1. Standing in front of your mirror. Check out for symmetry in the breast. Look keen on the shape, size, thickening of the breast skin, warmth or irregular change

2. Raise your hand and perform that same procedure again. Be careful to be thorough with the examination while you feel for lump

3. Check your nipple for any form discharge either yellowish, milkish or bloody

4. Lie down on your back and touch your breast uniformly, if there is lump on both side

5. Stand up and follow suite again. Kindly report to your physician incase of anything suspicious.

You should repeat this monthly after your menses is over.

Written by Olawale Sogbesan

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