Home remedy for Heartburn

A burning sensation as a result of backflow of stomach juice into the esophagus. Mostly spread behind the breastbone. It’s a common condition and majorly resolve without any problem.

Heartburn can be triggered by certain food like

• Spicy foods • Tomato products like ketchups • Peppermint

Heartburn can last up to 2hours or even much longer. It can be disturbing and the person might feel irritated.

How to deal with Heartburn

If you have heartburn then;

1. Do not eat nothing less than 2hours before going to lie down for sleep

2. Avoid tight clothes before, during or after food.

3. While lying down, raise your head with a pillow.

4. Various teas that can be used to deal with heartburn include Acacia tea, Lacorice tea, Basil tea.

5. Natural fruit juice can deal with heartburn. Freshly prepared, take it after eating.

As easy as heartburn might seem, various signals can be a cause for alarm. They include; blood in vomit, pain while swallowing and if your heartburn persist more than 2weeks, kindly visit your Doctor.

Written by Olawale Sogbesan

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