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The body’s response to alcohol depends on various factors: age, gender, overall health, how much you drink, how long you have been drinking and how often you normally drink.

Alcohol affects the whole brain ranging from the occipital lobe to frontal lobe.

The brain cells reaction can be categorised into 5 stages based on the alcohol present in the blood

First stage; Euphoria

This is the happiness stage. The alcohol is sweetening the person taking it. He or she feels relaxed and elated.

Second stage; Disorientation

The euphoria begins to turn to depression. Memory loss that occur to drunkard starts from this phase.

Third stage; Intoxication

This is the obvious stage of uttering rubbish. The speech becomes slurry, vision is relatively impaired.

Fourth stage; Blackout

Stage of unconsciousness, total loss of memory. The alcohol content is so high that the brain will like to go into unconscious state to reduce the further damage that might occur if the person continue drinking.

Fifth stage; Alcohol Poisoning

The person might likely go into coma or even result in death. This is because the active processes like respiration and the likes would have been compromised.

Stage four is usually the last stage for most people and that is what we usually refer to as hang over

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