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Michael Cane, author of The Art of Kissing, once said kissing is an act that keeps people together. Kissing is an intimate act between loved ones. The kind of kiss being described in this fact has to do with passionate kisses between lovers.

One of the things kissing will do to your health is to increase your metabolic rate. An average kisser will have their heart rate increased in the process. And once the heart rate is increased, the body system receives more blood from the heart, heightening the current processes occuring in the body.

Sexual activities (like kissing) are a kind of exercise many couple or lovers have not explored. A passionate and hot kiss will not only increase bonding between them, it will also help you burn some calories. This is not to mean that kissing or any other sexual activity can replace the art of working out the body.

A minute kiss depending on the “intensity” can burn up to 2-6 calories. A gram of carbohydrate is equivalent to 4calories when consumed. So averagely a minute kiss can burn 1g of carbohydrate(4 calories).

In summary, the metabolic rate of the body is one of the ways the body burns calorie even at rest. Kissing will only have effect in this process when performed rightly.

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